Welcome to the my war photo album site. In here you will find pages containing war photos from my families archives. In particular I am very proud to present the photo albums of my mothers uncle Otto Willnaur and my uncle Karl Knoll.

Otto served on the eastern front as a PanzerJaeger (tank hunter) from June 1941 through the end of the war. His diary is presented along with text that he added recently. The photos show the harsh realities of war and its effect on the men who endure it. As you flip through the pages, you will notice a change in the faces of the men from excited youths out for adventure to hardened veterans grown tired.

Karl served in a Luftwaffe anti-aircraft artillery unit stationed in Alsas-Lorraine. His album stands in contrast to Otto's The photos show a gentle and sometimes boring life, but we are reminded that this is war with photos of Luftwaffe aircraft sorties leaving the airbase Karl was protecting.

Both works are presented as close to their original form as Web technology allows. I have taken the liberty to translate the text in Otto's album, but the photos are laid out exactly as they are in the primary source.

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